Student Unique Card

The new Student Unique Card
makes it easy to access, organize Student Information like
Marks, Attendance, Performance graphs from
anywhere, anytime, any device.


Marks book allows teachers to assess students' mastery of a subject by tracking their proficiency on individual concepts and skills. This approach produces significant amounts of information,so teachers can more quickly see which learning targets a student has mastered and where they might be struggling and also teachers can easily see students' progress over time.


Student Performance graphs is an effective and time-efficient way for parents ,teachers and administrators to make informed instructional decisions and quantify students’ rate of progress.From these graphs identification of each student’s rate of progress toward the instructional goal for the academic year is easy.

Attendance History

Attendance history makes it easy to quickly review attendance.It is easy to start taking your attendance from anywhere without being in front of a computer. Open your account on any smart phone or tablet and record any information you need right then, one time, and access it from anywhere and anytime you want in the future.

Emergency Notification

School administrators can broadcast emergency notifications to staff, parents and students via text message, and publish non-emergency
announcements via email and the virtual school bulletin board.