• DC Thirupathi

    DC Thirupathi Daddala's - Founder and CEO remarkable journey led to the creation of Student Unique Card. After eight startup failures, his resilience paid off, raising $1M at a $10M valuation. Guided by his visionary leadership, the platform aims to revolutionize education by empowering students and institutions through innovative solutions.

  • Kalpana P

    is the Head of Sales at Student Unique Card, spearheading the team since 2015. Her strategic mindset and self-motivation have been instrumental in navigating COVID's impact on business. Mr. DC Thirupathi acknowledges her unconditional commitment, without which the company may not have survived. Kalpana's strong sales expertise and determination contribute to shaping the selling point and driving growth at Student Unique Card.

  • Kalyan

    Is the Head of Marketing at Student Unique Card, an organization where he has been a trusted pillar of support for DC Thirupathi. As a 12am friend, Kalyan has tirelessly and selflessly worked for the organization, without expecting anything in return. His invaluable contributions and unwavering dedication cannot be measured in monetary terms, making him a true and priceless friend to Thirupathi.

  • Siva Naidu

    The Strategy and Decisioning Lead of Student Unique Card, plays a pivotal role in coordinating with all strategic decision makers of the organization and ensuring alignment with organizational goals, KPIs, and SLAs. Siva has been an unwavering support to Thirupathi throughout their journey, standing by their side through all the highs and lows. In Siva's own words, "We may get another opportunity, but not another brother." Thirupathi refers to Siva simply as "Brother."

  • Dinesh G

    Is a young and energetic leader with over 6 years of experience in corporate and human resource roles. He plays a vital role in hiring, training, and organizing the new STUDENT UNIQUE CARD sales team. Dinesh's family support has been invaluable during difficult times, according to DC Thirupathi. With a strong background in HR, Dinesh is instrumental in ensuring the success of the team. His expertise and leadership skills make him an invaluable asset in the company's growth and development.

  • Vijai Dora Indugu

    Is a highly experienced operations and data governance professional with expertise in data quality management and corporate financial analysis. With 18+ years of experience at S&P Global Market Intelligence, he is a skilled people leader, providing training to managers and employees and assisting in setting SLAs and KPIs. Currently leading the Student Unique Card management team, Vijai excels in recalibrating systems and processes to meet changing market and management needs. Known as the "right person at the right time," he brings strategic insights and valuable expertise to his role.